Hormone Revolution Weight Loss Program

The main goal of a Hormone Revolution Weight Loss Program is to aid people how to have high levels of natural hormones that help burn fat. This program also aids women how to maintain high hormonal levels despite their physiological disadvantage. Hormone Revolution Weight Loss Program puts emphasis on the role of the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen, as well as the insulin system, in weight loss.

Natural hormones

The so-called natural hormones, such as insulin, testosterone, and estrogen, are necessary for weight loss. The levels of fat-burning hormones decreases over time, resulting to slower weight gain as people get older. Women, however, have lower levels of fat-burning hormones because of their capacity be bear children. This is the reason why women have a harder time losing extra pounds, compared to men.

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Sex hormones

Testosterone is fat burning, while estrogen may affect fat storage. Estrogen replacement pills, for example, make women gain weight. Men with high testosterone levels, on the other hand, do not easily gain weight even if they take in huge amount of calories. A weight loss program should then consider the sex hormones, so that a long term weight loss can be achieved.

Insulin system

Though insulin affects fat storage, this hormone can be put into good use. Insulin only leads to weight gain if there is a high intake of carbohydrates. Right amounts of insulin and carbohydrates can be fat burning without damaging the muscles. Low amount of carbohydrates only lead to lower metabolism and muscle injury.

Weight training

Hormone Revolution Weight Loss Program does not involve controlled eating habits. During the first 14 days, patients are directed to keep their usual eating habits. Patients undergo simple exercises for weight training instead. Consequently, there is a boost in estrogen and testosterone levels. Hormone Revolution Weight Loss Program encourages patients to do weight training early in the morning, since it leads to greater fat reduction. Weight training can be done for half an hour every day, at least thrice a week.

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