The Causes of Unintentional Weight Loss

Some people may welcome shedding off a few pounds however, drawing a line between the acceptable and unacceptable weight loss is still important. This is because gradual weight loss may be a tell-tale sign of something serious or even an illness. Below are just some of the causes of weight loss.

Cancer, the tumor as well as the treatment associated with this illness actually lead to weight loss. With tumor, what happens is this grows within the body hence requiring blood and nutrients, at the same time, it also releases toxins within the blood stream. These toxins have adverse effects that cause patients to lose their appetite then to lose weight. On the other hand, cancer treatment such as chemotherapy may render a patient defenseless and very weak. This physical weakness is the primary cause of appetite loss which frequently results in dropping off weight.

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Hyperthyroidism is another cause of unintentional weight loss. This disease induces the thyroid glands to overproduce the thyroid hormones making the heart work overtime. Over-production of the thyroid hormones also affects the body's metabolism which in turn increases drastically. Even with such a big appetite this is eclipsed by the fast burning or consumption of calories within the body hence directly causing weight loss.

Meanwhile, mood changes such as depression, anxiety as well as stress can also result to a loss of appetite which affects your weight. Incidentally, there are drugs that have the same effects. Usually, these drugs are categorized as stimulants meaning they accelerate the body processes, one such drug is the nicotine present in tobacco and cigarettes.

Another condition that causes weight loss is when there is inflammation in the bowels. Disorders such as Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease affect the bowels as well as the digestive tract and this may prevent the full absorption of nutrients in the body. Without adequate amount of nutrients, the body starts to consume its reservoir of nutrients which gradually causes weight to drop.

Diabetes is another disorder that can affect weight. Since this illness is linked with the way sugar or glucose is used in the body so even if you try to make up for it by eating more, without the proper absorption of glucose in adequate quantities, you still end up losing weight.

Lifestyle also has a way of affecting the body's weight. If you find yourself too busy or have a lot on your hands, the tendency to skip meals is there. Unfortunately, Some people disregard the effects of skipping meals until it's late and they notice that they have lost a lot of weight.

To wrap things up, losing weight is not really a bad idea but what's not good about this is when you are dropping off weight consistently or you've lost 5% of your total weight for no apparent reason. In this case, you better take the time off to consult your doctor as there might be some reason why weight loss is taking place.

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