3 Problems With Weight Loss "Wisdom" - & What To Do About It!

Would you like to lose weight? Have you lost weight and gained it back?

If you're like most Americans today, the answer to that is a screaming, frustrated, "YES!" Let's cut to the chase.

You gained your weight back for one of two reasons:

1. You (and EVERYONE else!) is a "weak-willed failure". Or...

2. The diet "experts" from whom you sought help failed to adequately train you.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), ninety-five percent of all weight that is lost is regained in the first five years following the weight loss. This is clearly an industry problem, NOT a customer problem! Imagine a headline in tomorrow's Wall Street Journal that read, "95% Of All Airline Flights Fail to Reach Their Intended Destination". Not one customer would feel responsible for his or her failure to reach the desired destination! This would CLEARLY be an airline industry problem. Similarly, a ninety-five percent weight regain at five year follow-up is CLEARLY a diet industry problem!

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There are three major problems with the conventional approach to diet and weight loss.

1. Weight loss is sold and defined as success. I say, "If weight loss was the cure for weight problems, we would have an epidemic of thin people not fat people!" Weight loss is like having a baby. No one would argue that there is anything easy about having a baby. As difficult as having a baby is, any parent will argue that pregnancy and delivery is the easy part. Weight management services should be marketed as weight control services, NOT weight loss services, and this perspective should be introduced in the marketing phase and built upon in the treatment phase.

2. Diets, and almost all nutrition professionals assume that all overweight people are overweight for the same reason. Consequently, OVER-SIMPLIFIED weight loss (not weight control) services are offered in a one-size fits-all fashion. Services are NOT tailored to the causal issues related to, and the needs of, each individual!

3. The psychology of weight loss - critical psychological difficulties - many of which are created by conventional diet "wisdom", are not understood, acknowledged or addressed in treatment. Weight loss counseling is substandard by nature. For instance, conventional diet "wisdom" holds that one should be on a "diet". Consumption of a piece of pizza is defined as "breaking the diet" and a "failure. If one "fails", that makes that person a "failure". If one is "a failure", isn't he/she doomed? Further, "stress eating" and "compulsive eating", family or origin issues, and body size issues, among a host of other critically important psychological issues and dynamics, are rarely addressed.

In summary, the diet industry has failed miserably to deliver results of any lasting value - results that consumers of weight control services are paying for and entitled to. What is desperately needed is a forward thinking, cutting edge approach that understands the limited value of weight loss, and focuses on providing patrons what the REALLY want:

· Weight control for life...

· With a relative degree of ease...

· While they live and participate in the real world!

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