Move it Or Lose it Weight Loss - "NEPA" & Tricks

Move it or lose it weight loss using NEPA and some other "tricks". Don't know what NEPA is... want to know some closely guarded weight loss secrets that are simple and unassuming?

Then this article will open your eyes to a new way of weight loss without relying on idiotic diets or boring and ineffective cardio exercises.

Move It Or Lose It Weight Loss

1. NEPA - Non-exercise physical activity

Basically, just move around more. Nothing complicated there... this isn't part of the closely guarded secrets. Those are below. Anyway, every bit more you move around, the easier it is to lose weight since you're helping the metabolism speed up to burn extra calories and fat.

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2. Walking on an incline for fast weight loss

First of all, I must be clear on this. Walking like normal, you know... like walking on a flat surface such as a treadmill or around your town is OK for slow weight loss. Nothing spectacular. It's a long term approach.

But who likes "long term" when you can get weight loss fast and instantly. This comes from walking on an inclined surface... a hill or a 10-15 degree inclined treadmill.


Don't believe me, try walking on an incline for 15-20 minutes. A week or two of incline walking and you'll see your body starting to transform itself.

3. Jump on a mini-trampoline for "HERE AND THERE" weight loss

This is great because you won't even need to schedule it. Just jump on the trampoline 2 minutes here and there. A great time to do this is during tv commercials.

So there you go, the "move it or lose it weight loss" program that will take your body to the next level on it's path towards transformation... don't make the mistake of looking past the simplicity of it!

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