A Simple Yet Proven Weight Loss Plan Completely For Free

There are many ways a weight loss regimen can be administrated. You can purchase expensive pills, go through exercises and workout with an expensive personal trainer or coach, or you can purchase expensive weight loss courses or programs that contains something you already know. There are many hot weight loss programs out there touting their uniqueness and fantastic quality; actually weight loss is a billion dollar industry.

Walking: The Free Weight Loss Program

Oftentimes people ignore the free life long weight loss program that you have been gifted with: walking. If you are overweight and need to lose some of this excess weight, then now is the time to wake up and start walking. Making such a regime part of your everyday life will really help you to become fat free within a very short amount of time.

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How To Start A Walking Routine

The first thing that you need to do is wake up early and go out to a lush green lawn, field or park that is located near your home. Begin by taking a slow, steady 15 minute walk for the first week that you do this. Then, during the second week you should increase this time to 25 minutes and then increase it to 35 minutes the third week. By the fourth week of your program you should be taking walks that last 45 minutes. You should then do this throughout your entire second month. Of course, you are also going to need to exercise some control over your diet in order for this weight loss program to work. While you can still eat whatever you want, you should eliminate all of the fatty and sugary foods and drink at least 20 glasses of water per day.

Let Walking Become A Habit That Sustains Your Ideal Weight

If you follow this program, after three months you should start to increase your pace of walking. Start up with 25% increase. Soon enough you will see the results of the dramatic effect this pace increase has on your metabolism. We are talking about an increased feeling of wellness in addition to your weight loss. As soon as you have achieved your weight loss goal, you can eat some sweet foods as long as you keep walking regularly. If you follow this simple weight loss plan which means you make walking as a habit, the amount of pounds that you lose will be permanent and your body will become as fit as it is meant to be.


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