REAL Weight Loss Advice For REAL People - 3 Facts You Shouldn't MISS!

Metabolism and metabolic rate - whether it's about weight loss pills, supplements, and drugs, the 2 things mentioned above is what they concentrate on. Do you have, even the slightest idea why?

First off, let's see what is this so-called metabolism and metabolic rate is about. After all, if we cannot define them properly, how can we figure out how it can help us lose weight?

In simpler words, metabolism is the group of chemical reactions that happen within our bodies to aid and they're responsible for out survival and healthy living. True, we have a fat-burning metabolism whose duty is to take care of getting rid of those excess fats and calories.

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And if you're looking for some weight loss advice and weight loss help as to how this can help us lose weight, this article will be an eye-opener for you.

Does having a high metabolic rate help you lose more weight? How can you increase your metabolism for better weight loss results?

That's just some of the weight loss help and questions that this article on weight loss advice will be answering.

Let's go!

Fact Number 1
Your weight and metabolic rate has nothing to do with each other - keep that in mind.

Forget about the wrong ideas about metabolism like the lower your metabolic rate the greater your weight will be and vice-versa. Heck! Some will even go as far as saying tat there are obese or overweight people who will NOT lose weight because of their sluggish metabolic rate!

What I'm trying to say with this weight loss advice is that having a high or slow metabolic rate can help track down which is the suitable weight loss program for you BUT it has nothing to do with your current or future body weight.

Whether you're 100 lbs over or underweight, it is influenced by other strong and relevant factors like age, sex, lifestyle, etc.

Fact Number 2
If you could take only 2 things to help you lose weight that would be a plan to be active (that includes exercise) and water...LOTS of water.
Water comprises more than 70% of your body. It plays an essential role NOT only in cleansing your organs from harmful toxins and chemicals BUT it also boosts and increases your fat-burning metabolism.

That means you can burn fat at a greater and faster rate!

Strength training and aerobics are exercises that boost your metabolism. And again the end result is - you get to burn more excess fats and calories. Not to mention you get to have a nicely curved body with attractive abs!

Fact Number 3
Never EVER skip meals!

Doing so will not even make a dent of improvement in you current situation and weight. Matter of fact, it will only make you fatter. If you're not eating, your body will AUTOMATICALLY think that you're about to die of starvation.

So what will it do?

It will NOT burn fat! It will think that you would need those excess flabs for survival. So the end result? weight loss for you!

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