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There are so many kinds of diets out there, some work better and some don't work at all. But even those that work don't help you keep your new weigh for long. And even more important - Not all of these diets are healthy.

Loss weight gradually

If you want to loss weight gradually then you should aim to decrees 200-500 calories from your standard amount of calories.
Your goal should be to loss fat and your body burns the fat in a rate of 200-500 calories a day (depends on your physical activity, weight, nutrition and the amount of oxygen in the air). Meaning:

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1. If you weigh more - the more fat you would burn.

2. The better your physical condition - the faster you'll burn fat.

3. If you won't consume any carbohydrates - you will have a harder time to burn your fat.

4. If you are doing any aerobics activity then your fat will get burned the fastest.

Remember - if you'll loss more than 500 calories a day - That's 3500 calories a week, a bit over a pound. If you loss more than that then you are losing muscles, liquids and more essential ingredients.

It's a slow process but you will see results for the long run.

Your daily menu

The right diet menu is the one that includes 55%-60% carbohydrates, 15% proteins and up to 30% fat from your daily calories needs. If you are an athlete you should increase the amount of proteins. If you suffer from diabetes then you need to make some personal adjustments.

Most of the problems begin when you eat a lot of carbohydrates in a very short time - your body can't handle that many carbohydrates and it turns them into fat. That's why you should eat more meals a day but make each one smaller. It is also preferred to eat healthier carbohydrates like whole-wheat flour and unprocessed cereal. A rule of thumb here can be to try and eat natural food or at least foods that are closer to nature.

Another thing to remember is that our body contains 60% of water. If you eat fewer carbohydrates then your body observes less water and you think that you are losing fat when you are actually losing water.

Weight loss is a way of life

Weight loss is a way of life - if you will treat it as temporary thing then you'll surely gain back your weight in the future. Don't fall for those miracle weight loss pills, a diet like everything else in life demands some work. The only healthy and fast way to loss weight that i came across so far is Hoodia but you can read more about it in my">healthy weight loss blog. So if you are not ready to make a real change in your life - its OK but when you decide to try to loss some weight - make sure that you are prepared to make some sacrifices. And when you choose your diet program or your diet products please make sure that it is a healthy one and that it won't cause you any damage in the future.

I truly believe that anyone can succeed in losing weight - it is just a matter of strong will and choosing the right diet for you.

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