Weight Loss Herbs for Healthy Living

There is no magic weight loss formula. An effective weight loss and management program is a combination of a healthy daily diet and regular physical exercise. Losing weight certainly takes time and effort. If a weight loss product claims that it can melt your fat away while you sleep, it is simply realistic.

Weight loss supplements

However, among all these weight loss products, certain herbs do help lose weight. These weight loss herbs for healthy living act as dietary supplements. There are herbs that serve as appetite suppressants. These work on the appetite control centers in the brain, resulting to a feeling of fullness.

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There are also herbs called thermogenic that helps speed up the metabolism of the body. In this way, calories are burned faster, resulting to weight loss. Safe thermogenic herbs include dandelion, nettle, and green tea. Certain herbs like uva-ursi and buchu are water reducers or diuretics. However, the effects of these herbs are temporary.

Some of the safe weight loss herbs for healthy living include green tea, cayenne, and seaweed. All these safe weight loss herbs for healthy living increase the metabolism rate of the body, resulting to more burned calories. If you are worrying about the effects of the weight loss herb you are planning to take, consult a doctor. Also check whether the ingredients are safe, and do not cause any serious side effects. When looking for weight loss herbs for healthy living, always examine the label. Do not just purchase a weight loss herb available at drug stores or health food shops.

Safety guidelines

Caution, however, is important when taking any of these weight loss herbs. Some herbs have side effects, resulting to serious health problems and death. Examples of herbs that should be avoided are ephedra, herbal laxatives, and herbal fen-phen. Ephedra has been banned by food and drug agencies because it can cause heart problems and high blood pressure. Herbal fen-phen uses ephedra as its main ingredient, so expectedly, it has similar side effects. Herbal laxatives, which are sold as cascara, senna, buckthorn, or diet tea, can disable bowel function when overused.

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