Healthy Weight Loss - Weight Loss Resort Style

"Fat farms" also known as weight loss resorts are not a new concept; in fact, they were the fashion 50 years ago for those wishing to lose weight rapidly. However, you'll find that today's weight loss resorts have evolved quite a bit since the "Pegged Pants" days.

In fact, the old practices of unhealthy extremely low calorie diets and strict exercise regimens have been replaced with more modern Health Lifestyle programs that incorporate the most up-to-date science and medicine, designed for weight loss and improved health.

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If you're serious about losing those extra pounds and are looking for a supportive and encouraging atmosphere a weight loss resort "fat farm" may be for you.

Is a Weight Loss Resort for Me?
Your weight-loss success depends on your readiness to take on the challenge. Below are some questions that will help you decided if you're truly ready to become a healthier you!

1. Are you self-motivated? - Are you motivated to make long-term lifestyle changes that require eating healthy foods and exercising more? Fat farms give you the tools you need to reach your goals but it's up to you to do the work.

2. Are you ready to be more active? - Changing your eating habits is only half the battle.Increasing your level of physical activity is essential to losing weight and keeping it off.

3. Do you believe that slow weight loss is better? - We do. You didn't gain weight overnight and you can't expect to lose it overnight either. The amount of weight you should expect to lose is completely dependent on each person. A safe goal is about 1-3 pounds per week.

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