Three Exercise Myths That Limit Fast Weight Loss For Women

There are plenty of exercise myths that limit fast weight loss. Several of those myths have an adverse impact on women who are trying to lose weight. Implementing those exercises only cause distress, frustration, and lack of motivation. As a result the woman gives up on exercising. Here are the top three exercise myths for women and the truth behind the exercise technique.

The first exercise myth is to use the "Fat Burn Mode" when performing your cardio workout. In short, the intent of this program is to keep your heart rate low so that the fuel your body uses as energy to exercise is fat, thereby burning it as you do your cardio routine. The problem is, for any significant amount of calories to be burned, you would need to exercise for nearly 2 hours or more at the "fat burn" pace. Most women do not have that kind of time to spend on exercise. For faster weight loss results, increase the intensity of your workout. An increase in intensity and raising your heart rate will mean less time is necessary for the workout and yet the same and even more calories will be burned. And, fat stores are used in this more intense workout as well.

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The second exercise myth is target training. Women have a tendency for fat cells to gather in their thighs and abdomen. As a result, that is where the fat stores are held as well. The myth is that doing a large number of crunches will give you the stomach of your dreams and performing a large number of lunges will do the same for your thighs. The truth is that you can't target train for fat loss. By working those areas you do target muscle strengthening and growth. However when it comes to fat loss, it only occurs when the number of calories burned in a day are less than the number of calories consumed. For faster weight loss, concentrate on performing exercises that burn a significant number of calories in order to create a caloric deficit at the end of the day. (Note: It's important to also know that when the weight is lost, there is no choice in where it comes off first. However, continued effort and fat loss will result in marked improvement in those "trouble" areas.)

The third myth to be aware of is related to muscle growth. Many women fear weight training believing that it will cause a large increase in muscle mass, commonly referred to as "getting too bulky." As a result, they will avoid lifting any weight at all or only lift small amounts. The truth behind weight training for women is that without unnatural or illegal supplementation, genetically you are limited in the size your muscles grow. For the average woman that would be 8 to 12 lbs over the course of their lifetime if lifting properly. To get the fastest weight loss, add muscle mass because the more muscle you have in your body, the higher your metabolic rate will be thereby burning more calories even at rest.

There are more exercise myths that women should be aware of in order to help them with fast weight loss. The ones listed above are in my opinion, among the top three. Avoid putting these myths into practice and you will be on your way to fast weight loss while keeping your motivation and achieving your weight loss goals.

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