Hidden Weight Loss Mistakes Most People Do That Make Losing Weight Impossible!

WARNING: Are you 1 of those people that think weight loss revolves ONLY AROUND diet and exercise? If so, you'd be wrong. There are a few major mistakes that people make that have nothing to do with diet and exercise that stops weight loss in it's tracks. In fact, you'll end up gaining weight.

Weight Loss Mistakes

1. Not putting any focus on your hormones and whether they are balanced or not

Your hormones are HUGE for weight loss. If they're unbalanced, you can FORGET ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS. If they are balanced, weight loss is simple as long as you do some exercising and eat halfway decent.

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Messed up hormones stop any kind of weight loss for most people. To get them balanced and working for you, a simple trick to use is spinning in a circle.

I know it sounds crazy, but spinning like what kids do helps to bring a natural balance to your hormones which in turn makes weight loss happen naturally and without effort.

2. Stressing out about everything

Listen, you can do everything right with exercising and dieting, but if you're stressed out, that won't matter. Not only will you not lose weight, you'll probably gain weight due to the high levels of the stress hormone (cortisol) floating around in your body.

How do you lessen stress?

I can't have you change jobs or anything major like that to reduce your daily stresses, but simple deep breathing for 5-10 minutes a day will help lessen your stress and lower your cortisol levels. Do it whenever you get a chance. It really does work. It's not a direct way to lose weight, but indirectly it helps a lot.

Get rid of these 2 weight loss mistakes in your life and you should see an immediate improvement in your results.

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