List of Weight Loss Programs

List of Weight Loss Programs - There are a lot of weight loss programs out there, some are good and can really help you lose weight but some are unhealthy for you. When you want to lose weight, look for a program that will help you lose the weight but also help you keep the weight off. Eating cabbage soup or grape fruit all day might help you lose some weight fast, but I guarantee you will not keep it off. As soon as you start eating "normal" again you will gain the weight right back. To help you out we put together a list of weight loss programs.

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List of Weight Loss Programs - Number 1 Strip That Fat - If you want a program that will help you lose weight and most importantly help you keep it off Strip That Fat is the program for you. They will guide you through everyday struggles with losing weight. There is no "hocus pocus", pretty simple actually burn more calories than you consume. The program will give you all the information for a one time low cost. You do not have to pay monthly fees or eat only their "special" food. A great program if you are really serious about losing weight.

List of Weight Loss Programs:

Atkins Diet


Dean Ornish Diet

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Jenny Craig



Pritikin Diet

Slim Fast

Sonoma Diet

South Beach Diet

Top Secret Weight Loss Secret


Weight Watchers


Hope this list of weight loss programs helped. Keep in mind that weight is not what matters: Fat is what matters. Reducing your weight will not help your health if you are losing muscle and water. When you look for a diet to follow, make sure it does not stress weight loss. It needs to stress loss of fat.

The Diet Solution Program

Ultimate Energy Diet

The Diet Solution Program


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