The Newly FDA Approved Weight Loss Drug - Alli

Most people who are searching for a weight loss program have heard about the weight loss wonder drug Alli but most do not know if it works. Well the easy and quick answer to that question is that if does work but like all drugs it come with some side effects, so to learn, continue reading.

Alli, for weight loss which is short for Orlistat which is the over-the-counter for the prescription form of Xenical. When you go to the store to order it, it might be helpful to know that it's pronounced Ally. But what is Alli?

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Alli one tablet that has been approved by the FDA for its claims as a weight loss tablet. Alli is essentially a fat blocker. It does it most important work by preventing the fat from being absorbed into the body from the foods that we consume.

But don't be confused to think that because you are taking Alli that you can eat all the fatty foods that you like and Alli will just block that fat and you will lose weight. This, unfortunately, is not true. Alli has to be used in conjunction with a low fat/low calories diet with the supervision of your health physician.

The weight loss that can be achieved with Alli will vary from one person to another. In a study that involved a year worth of clinical trial it was found that between 35.5% and 54.4% of the subjects were able to achieve a 5% or greater lowering in body mass. The study was not clear in information what portion of the body mass was actually fat.

If Alli is taken with a low calories meal plan one could expect that the results might reveal more satisfactory numbers. And as weight gain exposes one to the risk of having Type 2 Diabetes, Alli with its weight loss properties actually lowers the risk of the Type 2 Diabetes.
After the subjects of the clinical study have stopped taking Alli, they reported that they gained about a third of the weight that they lost prior taking Alli.

But the main disadvantage of this weight loss drug Alli is its side effect which relates to digestive and bowel problems. The higher amount of fat that is in one's diet the greater the side effects as the undigested fat is taken from the body.

Loose stools, bowel incontinence and flatulence are some of the side effects that will be encountered usually in the early stages of taking Alli before one's body becomes adjusted to this drug.

You can find warning on Alli's website which warns that, "You make feel an urge need to use the bathroom. Until you have a sense of any treatment effects, it's probably a smart idea to wear dark pants and bring a change of clothes with you to work". The drug also increases the risk of kidney stones!

These side effects can be reduced or become minimal if a person taking Alli reduces the fat intake a start eating a diet low in fat. These embarrassing side effects might actually help dieter who is taking the drug to eat healthier.

But with all its side effects and medical claim, this drug is not a magic bullet pill or the perfect answer to the person trying to lose weight. There has to be a great deal of effort on your part to lose weight.

If you are considering taking this drug, speak with your physical to see if Alli might be right for you

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