Which Diet is Best For Weight Loss - Low-Carb, Low Fat Or the Mediterranean?

There has been a much heated debate over the last couple of years as to which diet is best for weight loss. The three contenders are the low-carb diet, the low-fat diet and the Mediterranean-style diet that would help people lose more weight than of course the more traditional diets.

The low-fat have been the longest diet around and the one that has had more studies done on it to test its effectiveness in causing weight loss.
After all the tests had been carried out, the results came in and boy were they shocking!

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The Best Diet For Weight Loss

The winner for the best diet for weight loss goes to low-carb diet. The reason for the low-carb diet being the winner was simple because it improved cholesterol levels. This does not mean that if you are on the low-fat diet or the Mediterranean style diet that you will not achieve weight loss, because studies show that if you are on any of these three diets you will achieve weight loss. It just means that the low-carb is the diet that most people stick to the most and was able to see the most weight loss.

The Low -Fat Diet

The low fat diet actually restricts your calories from fat intake. You cannot have more than 30 percent of calories coming from fat. You are also restricted from foods that are high in cholesterol. However, this diet focuses on low-fat grains, with fruits and vegetables as options. Though many start this diet, not many complete it.

The Mediterranean Diet

This diet has the same fat restriction as the low-fat diet with calories and cholesterol but you are given the choice of eating poultry such as chicken and turkey. More fish, olive oil and nuts are included in this diet. This is a diet that is rich in more meats than any of the other diets. This diet is quite delicious and you are given a wide range of choices to choose from.

The Low -Carbohydrates Diet

The winner of the three diets also had some restrictions. But unlike its counterparts it does not restrict fat or cholesterol but rather sets a limit on the amount of foods with carbohydrates that is consumed. Low-carb diet focuses on having the dieter chose more vegetarian sources of their fat and protein. You would not be eating much butter and eggs from this diet because those proteins are derived from animal.

But rather you would be encouraged to eat vegetables that have these needed nutrients.
In a study of over 322 person eating the low-fat diet, the low-carbohydrates diet and the Mediterranean diet it was noted that the average weight for the low-carb diet was 10.3 pounds; those on the Mediterranean diet lost 10 pounds and those on the low-fat plan lost only 6.5 pounds.

The results of these three diets have now given the average dieter something to work with. If you are just starting a weight loss regiment and not sure which one of these diets that you should consider starting now you know that the best on that will give you the most weight loss is the low -carb diet.

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