Keeping Your Weight Loss Resolution This Year

A resolution of you losing weight this New Year can be a good thing, but it can be difficult to carry out. For one, you will need to be extremely determined to lose weight, especially when you have never tried losing weight before. Because losing weight involves processes related to your body, you will need to do a lot of research related to weight loss and see what options are there for you in order for you to meet your weight loss goals. If you are uneasy about that weight loss resolution, here are a few tips that you may want to keep in mind as you start making your resolution.

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Be specific with your weight loss goals. Before you even make that resolution, start asking questions such as: how much weight do I want to lose? Do I want, in general, to lose weight, or do I want to lose weight in specific areas of my body? How fast do I want to lose that weight?

Keep a journal. Once you have your fitness and weight loss goals in control, you can start keeping a journal detailing the facts: how much weight you want to lose, where, and how fast. As you enter into your weight loss regimen, write in this journal and document your progress: what did your doctor tell you? Are you going on a diet, are you going to exercise, or are you going to do a combination of both? How much exercising did you do today? What did you eat? How do you feel? Are you lethargic or energized? Are you confident about meeting your weight loss goals? How much weight have you lost? Have you gained any?

Talk to experts: consult with your doctor, nutritionist, and an exercise expert. You may be gaining weight because of an underlying problem with your hormones, or undergoing any weight loss regimen might be harmful to your body. If you get the green light from your doctor, talk to the exercise expert about your work or study schedule and how you can fit your exercise in. You need to admit that there are many different things that you do not know about weight loss yet, so you have to talk to the experts; it's a safe way to get what you want, too.

Do your research! Even with your doctor, nutritionist, and exercise expert in tow, you still need to know a bit more about weight loss on your own. Read up on diets and how they can harm your health if you are not prudent and careful enough in using them. Read up on the different kinds of exercise types available to you and how you can do simple exercise routines in your spare time. Read up on weight loss regimens and how they are designed for specific people. Bring these books with you to your doctor and enrich your consultation with them.

Don't be afraid to start out small. The biggest mistake that people make is to indulge in a crash diet with the hope that they will fit into a size zero in a week, or to run smack into a high-intensity exercise routine because they want to run the marathon next month. By doing something that your body is not accustomed to, you may run the risk of straining your muscles or putting your vital organs in danger. Instead, start exercising by walking for a few more miles each day than you are accustomed to, or start dieting by cutting down slowly on fat intake. By doing things slowly, you are getting your body better accustomed to healthier living. Avoid crash diets or anything that promises easy and fast weight loss. Moreover, don't be discouraged too easily. You may lose weight slowly, but at least you're losing weight safely.

Treat yourself out once in a while - prudently. You might have the urge to crunch on a snack bar or indulge in chocolates as a reward for losing pounds. Try something else instead: watch a movie and eat healthy snacks, go out for dinner to a salad bar, or ride the rollercoaster at your local park. Rewards for weight lost shouldn't translate into weight regained.

Lastly, keep your resolution for the years to come, not just this one. Weight loss and living healthy need not be a one-year affair. You might have a better body and decide to keep it, so keep that resolution!


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